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Video of the Month – THE ART release new video for ‘Dead Inside’


The Art have just released the video for new single ‘Dead Inside’ and it takes its place as ‘Video of the Week’ on MTRBWY for not only one, but four weeks because we love it that much! So for the month of May, our usual ‘Video of the Week’ for the first time becomes ‘Video of the Month’… So make sure you check out the clip below or at any time in May on the site main page side bar until the end of May.

The Art’s bass player KJ had this to say about the clip, “Dead Inside was the first single we embarked upon recording / creating as a band, after a 6 month hiatus. Too much time on the road, too much time away from home.. Too much had happened and we needed a break.

After some time apart to reflect and recollect, we got ourselves back in the studio… To get back on the ride, with some new life experience in our back pockets.

Once the track was done, it was time to create the video to bring the story to life. The song was written from previous life experiences that we felt were important to honour,  so we employed an old friend and respected artist we’d worked with before – Oliver Heath – we knew that he was the man for the job, with the vision to bring the emotion behind the track to life.

Creating the video was a long involved process, we borrowed a rowboat and spent a couple of weeks dragging it all over Sydney, filming scenes in a multiple locations. It was a labour of love between the band and the crew. The camera man- Fin Lizzy and make up / hair by Karen Hopwood. The crew worked tirelessly on a shoe string budget, and as a band we were honoured by the work of everyone involved, they dug deep, in the name of art.

From the bands perspective we wanted to create something visually original, surreal and beautiful to honour the love and loss life throws at you along the way. To create hope for anyone who’s finding themselves at a cross roads, in the up and down nature of this life, and know that at the end of the day we’re all in this together, that being honest and accepting that it’s ok to not feel ok sometimes… and tomorrow will be a better day.”

Directed by Oliver Heath, who helped to bring ‘Dead Inside’ to life, he says “The idea was to pay homage to the vibe of the gestural music videos that we love from bands in the 80s/90s when music was becoming raw again. Only have as much narrative as a dream. It was approached like a series of video artworks. Essentially they kindly let me torture them a bunch and film it. There was also a conscious decision to embrace some of the flaws of video. I figured if people spend a bunch of money shooting 8mm to give it a shitty low fi vibe, I can surely make it look shitty with video. I’m hoping that I’m pre-empting an aesthetic that there will be nostalgia about in the future; video noise.”


About the track: The new single DEAD INSIDE from The Art, is available now, (in physical and digital format). DEAD INSIDE evolved after experiencing the highs and lows of touring, and the binary feeling when the whole crazy party is over. Trying to relate to the home life (polar opposite in nature to touring) and coming to grips with reality, (whatever that may subjectively be).

The chorus lyrics – “your standing at the edge but you can’t jump or walk away,” paints the imagery of standing at the edge of The Gap in Sydney, not wanting to end it all, yet not being able to walk away, to try and find peace within the chaos….

Although in purgatory, musically THE ART are trying to offer some hope in this song. There is some kind of calm, in the whole storm. When the piano ends, the musical piece after the feedback of guitars, slowly melt away, there is almost a peace at the end of this chaos! Written by the collaborative, which is THE ART, Azaria Byrne (Vocals/Guitar), Kara Jayne (Bass/Vocals), Jordan McDonald (Drums) and Natalie Connolly, (Guitar).

Dead Inside was produced by Stevie Knight, recorded at Electric Sun Studios, Sydney Australia. Mixed and Mastered by Dave Petrovic and they are joined by special guest, Gene Clark on Piano.

THE ART were plucked from the obscurity of Australia’s far north and into a circuit of international showcases. This act has torn through it’s infancy with cannonball velocity. Founding members, KJ and Azaria have recruited the hard hitting drummer Jordan McDonald and melodic hard rock guitarist Natalie Connolly.

Stylistically, THE ART are difficult to pigeonhole. A darkly perfumed oddity, eclectic in emotional elements and delivered with blistering rock and roll impact. The sonic diversity of ‘The Art’s’ sound has earned them fans across genres, the common tie binding all elements at play being an intense sincerity. A tight wound tapestry of verosity, nobody at an ‘Art’ show leaves shortchanged, and more often than not, nobody at an ‘Art’ show leaves unaffected.

The Art are proud to announce they are currently supported and sponsored by Pistonhead Lager Australia. Great Brew, great times, awesome people & rock ‘n’ roll attitudes. Kustom built in Sweden. We built it, you tilt it! #pistonheadlagerau

THE ART kick off their DEAD INSIDE nine date, east coast tour on May 7 in Victoria. 

Thursday May 7 Pelly Bar Frankston

Friday May 8 Northcote Social Club

Saturday May 9 The Loft Warnambool

Wednesday May 13 Hamilton Street Hotel Newcastle

Friday May 15 Sweaty Betty’s Miranda

Saturday May 16 Dicey Rileys Wollongong

Thursday May 21 The Pier Port Macquarie

Friday May 22 Coolangatta Hotel

Saturday May 23 Sonny’s House of Blues Brisbane


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