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Thirty Seconds to Mars – Qantas Credit Union Arena, Sydney – March 29, 2014


After postponing this tour from last August, Thirty Seconds To Mars are now back to give Australia the shows they have been waiting for and tonight is Sydney’s turn and it seems the pent up excitement is well and truly there.

White Lies from London are here to open up the show tonight and after what felt like a tiny shaking opening they hit their stride third song in with their track ‘Unfinished Business’ which you may have heard Mumford & Sons cover, bit tonight this was what the band needed to pick up the set. ‘Getting Even’ from their newest album is a stand out and then back to their debut album with ‘Farewell to the Fairground’ and as it built mid song to include some arena participation with a clap along, they’d finally gotten everyone interested and that was awesome. As this set goes on, the more I start to enjoy it, especially from not knowing anything about this band prior, but to me I get a feeling of like a British version of The Killers and I’m digging it. By the time they finished their set, the floor was full and it looks like they’ve got themselves a few new fans.

As the triad illuminates and the haunting intro of ‘Birth’ the show begins. The deafening screams are heard as Thirty Seconds To Mars take to the stage and of course turn up one louder when Mr Leto takes to the stage urging us to get out of our fucking seats. ‘Night of the Hunter’ is a great way to start, and as Leto who refuses to stand still bounces around the stage and hypes the crowd like a great front man should you just get the feeling we’re all in for a treat. ‘Search and Destroy’ is next and just watching this crowd is insane, but as ‘This Is War’ starts, the eruption is huge, and as giant inflatable balloons appear mid song the place looks amazing. Heading to their newest album Love Lust Faith Dreams is ‘Conquistador’ and whoa, confetti cannons this early too?! Man, they’re pulling out all the stops, ‘Kings and Queens’ takes it to another level and I think it’s fair to say that what this band likes to do is things of epic proportions, the songs build, they have meaning and they are created for the live environment. It’s practically impossible to take your eyes off Jared Leto, this guy just ticks all the boxes, I think my man crush has just gotten that little bit bigger. ‘Do or Die’ with its whoa ohs is just perfect for this setting as Leto waves an Australian flag around like he’s done it before, was he a baton twirler too? Probably… It’s literally tiring watching someone so perfect.

‘City of Angels’ gives us a sea of ‘cell phones’ lighting the place up and looking spectacular, and again, from the newest album (which I thought was a masterpiece) and hearing this song tonight, this loud and this good was a highlight. Scaling it back a little and slowing it down even more with the piano driven ‘End of All Days’ and it also sees him stand still for the first time tonight. Schooling us on fast food and crowds around the world and armed simply with an acoustic guitar he takes to the end of the catwalk and gives us an amazing rendition of ‘Hurricane’ and after bringing a couple on stage and some amazing banter, yep, add comedian to his list of things he can do, he tackles on more acoustically, this time it’s ‘The Kill’ and hearing the crowd sing along is goose bump worthy. This was the first song I’d ever heard by the band and to hear it performed this way tonight is something pretty amazing.

I shit you not, the band have just come out wearing animal onesies. Shannon is a unicorn, Tomo a giraffe and Jared is a crocodile. Just stop being so awesome, seriously, stop it. ‘Closer To The Edge’ is probably the most epic of the lot tonight, as the confetti cannons once again explode and just being a part of this was outstanding. Also note to anyone out there, the confetti doesn’t taste very good. The band leave the stage only to return, all taking to the front of the stage and with ‘Bright Lights’ they take us back to their newest album and man, if this song wasn’t made to be played in an arena, then I have no idea why it was… Getting what seems like half the crowd up on the stage for ‘Up In The Air’ and with so much jumping and whoa ohing they take us out the only way they could, with a massive song and a massive roar of adoration from this crowd who hung on every single word tonight.

If there was an Oscar for best front man, Jared would be taking it home, and an Oscar for best duo or group, give it to this band, because as much as Jared takes the front, if it weren’t for Shannon and Tomo, this band wouldn’t sound anywhere near as good as they do. I urge you to see this band live if you haven’t, and if you’re not interested, well then all I can say is you’re missing out on a spectacular event. This show was outstanding.

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Venue: Qantas Credit Union Arena – Sydney

Date: March 29, 2014


Presented by: Frontier Touring

Photographs by: Kelly Hobson – Kelly Hobson Photography –

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Set List
Night of the Hunter
Search and Destroy
This Is War
Kings and Queens
Do or Die
City of Angels
End of All Days
The Kill (Bury Me)
Closer to the Edge
Bright Lights
Up in the Air

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