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The Script – Sydney Entertainment Centre – April 7, 2013


So it seems like it was only a few months ago that I saw The Script at The Metro and it was, actually it was September. At that time I was surprised by their return so soon for this arena tour in April, but as I enter the Entertainment Centre tonight I am blown away by how many people are here. It’s practically sold out here tonight and I am stoked already for The Script and as ‘Jump Around’ bellows from the speakers and the house lights dim. The roar is absolutely crazy.

In their biggest show yet in Australia, the love for this band has grown and grown over the years. The thing that’s evident here is that this band was made for this larger stage. From the opener Good Ol’ Days’ with its crowd friendly ‘ooh oohs’ they instantly have everyone here in the palm of their hands, especially when Danny jumps down to the front of the crowd during the first song; you just know that this is going to be a very crowd friendly show. ‘We Cry’ was our first introduction to The Script back in 2008 and they bust it out second tonight to the pleasure of those here judging by the screams it generated. Whoa, even I wouldn’t have picked ‘Breakeven’ to get a go this early in the set but as the chorus of ‘I’m falling to pieces’ is shouted back to them by many here they must be stoked knowing that they have this kind of love here.

‘Science & Faith’ is up next and an interesting choice, but as the crowd takes on ‘The Man Who Can’t Be Moved’ the band is just showing us how they’ve grown both musically and as performers and I doubt with this loving crowd they can put a foot wrong tonight as shown by the applause at the end of this song that was worthy of an encore and the smiles on all of the bands faces say it all. As they even joke that they can’t top that and say goodnight… Thankfully not as they take the risk with the inevitable new one, but ‘If You Could See Me Now’ is a good choice and as the kick drum is so out there it’s actually shaking the floor, they are working off the energy of the previous track and deliver it with the same passion.

You’d honestly think it was the first time the band has ever been to Australia with an eager crowd awaiting hearing these songs they’ve loved for the first time, as every song is met with a roar like the one just received for ‘Before The Worst’ allows the harmonies of the band to shine through as truly each of these guys can sing just as good as the next. I guess that’s testament to why what they do works so well. ‘If You Ever Come Back’ slowed it down a little bit as the pounding drum intro to ‘Talk You Down’ with the obligatory ‘Sydney’ lyric thrown in for good measure giving those here something to cheer about.

Photos, beer sculling and phone calls lead into ‘Nothing’ which really is a great song and delivered with the passion these heartfelt lyrics deserve. The acoustic part of the evening begins with ‘I’m Yours’ and besides the girl behind us screaming bloody murder and no shit sounds like that yelling goat, this is a beautiful track. The acoustics stay out but they rock it back up with ‘Six Degrees of Separation’ which killed it and is my favourite track from their #3 album. ‘For The First Time’ definitely wasn’t that as they lifted the roof with this one, as the crowd join in and at one point almost sound as loud as the band during the ‘Oh these times are hard’ parts but as the band thanks us and departs the stage leaving us singing these lyrics. The roars overtake the words and only get louder and louder until the band make their way back…

Danny bravely takes on the crowd as he starts up in the stands and makes his way through back to the stage during ‘You Won’t Feel a Thing’ making it back just in time for the end of the song but of course they can’t leave without playing this one. ‘Hall of Fame’ closes the night with an awesome visual intro and the place goes nothing short of berserk, even more so when confetti starts raining from the roof. The thanks at the end of the night are genuine and to see this band in a room with 10,500 people is a far cry from the first time I saw them with maybe 200 at the Gaelic Club many years ago. I too would be stoked if my career took the path theirs has.

These guys seriously get better every time I see them and my only fear is, what’s next and how can tonight be topped for The Script in Sydney. They’re entertaining, they’ve entertained and they are beyond their worth of admission price. Go and see this band if you never have before. Trust me.

Oh and PS: you know it’s been a good show when you’re waking home and a car drives past with a guy yelling ‘I love The Script’ at the top of his lungs. True story. A good night was had by all.

Essential Information

Venue: Sydney Entertainment Centre

Date: April 7, 2013


Set List:
Good Ol’ Days
We Cry
Science & Faith
The Man Who Can’t Be Moved
If You Could See Me Now
Before The Worst
If You Ever Come Back
Talk You Down
I’m Yours
Six Degrees Of Separation
For The First Time
You Won’t Feel A Thing
Hall Of Fame

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