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They say a picture can paint a thousand words and when it comes to the world of ROCK, that certainly rings true!  We think there is something pretty damn special about those rock photo’s that capture those perfect moments.  It’s a true art form and the likes of Neil Zlozower, Ross Halfin, Tony Mott and Mick Rock are nearly as legendary as the artists that they are famous for shooting.

Unfortunately, in this section we will not be featuring the works of such legend’s.....YET!, however you never know, out there amongst you, we may just discover the next big thing as far as rock n roll photographers go!!  Most of these photo’s will come from our regular contributors Lens Of Rock, Insyght Photography and Peter Coates. 

We welcome any other contributors, however as you will see from the photo’s below, we do emphasis QUALITY over QUANTITY.  If you had some photo’s you wanted us to consider using, or know of a photographer who’s works are crying out to be used on our page, drop us an email:

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** We have just updated this page and as such all photo galleries prior to 15th December are not displayed on this page....but fear not, click right here to view our older live photo galleries! **